Monday, November 7, 2011

1st Birthdays

First birthdays are a big deal ... for the parents, family, and friends of the special little one turning one. Celebrating a first birthday is like no other. Similar to any other birthday, you can't ever get it back, but the memories shared on the first birthday are just so special. Parents celebrate the milestones that came with the first year, they think back to the first few days of holding their newborn, and have a complete understanding of what it feels like to love a child unconditionally.

This weekend we were lucky enough to share this special day with close friends of ours. Their adorable little girl (also the clown on Halloween) was the reason for such a big celebration. Sweet girl had no idea what was going on, not even a clue that all this excitement was because of her!
The party was decorated beautifully with bright colors, sweet treats, and tons of crafty ideas everywhere you looked. Kudos to the Mama for working so hard to put together such a fun themed party. Homemade cakes, cake pops, yummy sandwiches, and sweet lemonade. Everything was just perfect.

The birthday girl did a great job entertaining the crowd and keeping a smile on everyones face. The children blew bubbles outside, played with little toys thanks to Aunt G, helped open presents, and indulged in all things yummy.

And the best part of it all ... the cake!

The crowd favorite of any first birthday party is the birthday cake. The birthday girl wasn't so sure about the icing at first, but lick after lick she knew it couldn't be resisted. Then she finally let go and had at it... posing for the camera with every bite. Always a riot when they dig in and make such a huge mess! Especially a mess big enough that leads to this .... a much needed bath. And nap. :)

It's always kind of sad to think "it's already been a year?!" ... But once you look back at all the memories that were created in that first year, think about all that are yet to come. It just keeps getting better. All. the. time.


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Carol said...

Wow, she really dug in to that cake and with the birthday hat on cute!