Thursday, August 4, 2011

Check Kansas City off the list :)

Do y'all ever have those moments when you go somewhere and regret not taking your camera? Let me tell you ... I've been there plenty of times. Usually I complain that I don't want to lug around the heavy duty camera all day or worry about something happening to it. Then I resort to my old point and shoot that somehow always ends up having a dead battery, which leaves me regretting my decision not to have my DSLR. Lost yet? It happens.

So when I took off for Kansas City Sunday, sans baby, I made sure to pack the heavy duty camera, along with a gazillion other things in my purse. I figured I'd have all this down time with the hubs, time to practice taking pictures of buildings, flowers, and of course the baseball stadium. I knew that if I didn't pack the camera, I would be mad coming home from a mini vacay without any precious photos. Guess how many photos I have of my trip to KC? Two. And get this, one of of them is on my iPhone. I ended up with a blurry city shot from our hotel balcony (blurry because the humidity fogged up my lens) and a stadium shot on my iPhone. Horrible... just horrible.

Pictures or no pictures, the hubs and I had a great time together. Kansas City has always been one of Jim's favorite cities to travel to, so I was excited to see what it was all about. The hotel was beautiful, set in the middle of a great shopping district. We did some shopping, went to a movie, had dinner at a tasty local steakhouse, and indulged in simple things like taking naps and sleeping in. The hubs pampered me a bit too ... nothing like a day at the salon before taking in a baseball game.

Before leaving for the trip, I was stressed a bit. I knew we were leaving Abby in good hands (Gramma & Grandad) and I knew that she would have a blast. It was me that I was worried about. I knew I would miss Abby's smile, her hugs, her kisses, her newfound words and love for talking. And I must say I did really great being away from her ... I only had one breakdown where I shed a couple tears, the hubs looked at me as if I were completely crazy, and I quickly moved on with a smile.

Every time we have a date night, Jim and I always say how important it is to just have "couple" time. It reminds us that it's worth the money to pay a babysitter. Every bit of it. Having a weekend away is refreshing, relaxing, and gives us the parenting break that I think is necessary. Abby had such a blast with Gramma & Grandad, Aunt Jenny, Aunt Heather, Uncle Bobby, Justin, and Emily. They were busy going for walks, visiting the llama barn (her favorite), and teaching Abby new things.

Making up for the only two (not so good) pictures from my trip, Aunt Heather snapped this picture of Abby playing at Gramma & Grandad's house. Along with the pictures that Aunt Jenny took and kept sending (huge thanks to you!!), this picture brightened my day and made me smile from ear to ear. :)

So I guess it's not always about the pictures you take while you are gone... but sometimes about the ones being taken while you are away. :)



Carol said...

So cute! She's a go-with-the-flow kind of girl, isn't she? Can't wait to see her in a month!

Sue said...

Precious!! I agree with Carol, she really does 'go with the flow'! Glad you had a great time ~~ ditto for Abs! Can't wait to have her play with us for another 'couple time' weekend!! Just let us know ;-)

Cara said...

I love it and can relate too, not so much in the near but in the past, except for the camera being there/not being there and end up taking photo's on my phone. I am so glad you got away and had a good time. You are right it is important, nourish your relationship! Just love that Abby and her big smiles!! Melts your heart...