Monday, August 29, 2011

BEAUTIFUL day to start a NEW week!

The last few weeks have been quite a whirlwind and to be honest I'm glad they are over. O-V-E-R. Jim was on a road trip for 11 days, I was feeling exhausted, and we had some unexpected events occur. Family friends of ours lost their son in a tragic boating accident, my friend in faith and a very special lady to several people (most who referred to her as the heart of our neighborhood) passed away at 107 years old, and the Orioles family lost a a former player and announcer quite unexpectedly.

In the same week, Maryland also experienced a earthquake and hurricane. Uncle already!

The 5.8 earthquake was felt up and down the East Coast, surprising many people.... me being one of them. I was sitting on the couch with Max, while Abby napped and started to feel the house shaking. I didn't think anything of it at first because trucks fly by here and rattle our house all. the. time. This time the rattling didn't stop and I noticed the chandelier was swinging lightly back and forth, a picture frame fell off the mantle, and the railings were shaking on the stairwell. It didn't last too long and by the time I reached Abby in her crib, it stopped. Weird. I had never been through an earthquake before ... quite an odd feeling!

Thankfully the hurricane here in Baltimore was nothing like expected. We had a lot of rain and some strong wind gusts throughout Saturday night, but nothing like what other areas of the coast were experiencing. So many people are without power, including my parents, which are told they could be without it for several days. We are so very thankful here in Baltimore!! :)

So with the passing of three special people, a few natural disasters, I'm glad to say today is a BEAUTIFUL day and the perfect way to start a new week. I promise to post a bit more regularly, starting tomorrow with pics from Abby's 2nd birthday party! (That's for you Mer!)

Now to relax a bit before Miss Abby wakes up.... hope you are enjoying your day! :)


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~Rachel said...

Oh girl! You totally deserve a much quieter, happier week! :)