Monday, December 13, 2010

It's all about family ... Tennessee style

You can probably tell from my lack of posting that things around here have been quite busy. Between traveling to visit family, my birthday, a sick baby, and the holiday rush ... I honestly haven't had a minute to update my blog. Thankfully things are starting to slow down ... baby is starting to feel better, Christmas cards are finally in the mail, and most presents have been bought and wrapped. Phew! I feel like I can breathe again. :)

So now it's time to play a little catch up. First things first. We had a wonderful time in Tennessee with Jim's brother, his wife, and their two sweet girls. The weather was a lot colder than here and we even saw snow each day we were there. Not enough to amount to anything, but still pretty to watch from the windows and stay warm and cozy inside.

Abby enjoyed watching the snow from the window, but wanted to go outside more than anything. It was just too cold for this Mama, so we found plenty to do inside.

The girls helped Uncle Chris make pancakes, Caroline did some homework while Abby colored, and of course there were lots of books to read together. Savannah practiced her dancing, Abby played with new toys, and Caroline and Savannah just loved their new Rudolph and Clarice. You can't go wrong with Build-A-Bear!

Our time spent with family is so important because it's not often that we get to all be together. So when we get together, we make the most of every minute. The girls shared a lot of laughs, the adults enjoyed an evening out without children, and new memories were made.

Abby & Caroline

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Carol said...

So cute! It looks like you had a great time!