Monday, December 20, 2010

Dear Santa, I promise she'll like you one day.

One of my favorite parts about Christmas is the chubby old man with a big round belly and a white beard. I love how Santa is able to instill belief in the hearts of young children. The ability to believe in something so magical is such a memorable experience that children will never ever forget. At least I know I haven't. Like most children, I wanted to wait up and catch Santa putting presents under the tree or eating the cookies we had baked the night before. There is just something special about that man and how he spreads so much cheer with his deep belly laugh and "Ho, Ho, Ho."

Abby was four months old last year at Christmastime. She was in awe of Santa, his beard, and his quiet voice. But she was also such a small baby and was intrigued by everything around her. If you don't remember her photo with Santa, you can click here to see a happy baby.

Since last year seemed so easy, I was hoping that this year would follow suit. Wrong. Abby wanted no part of Santa. The odds were against though from the beginning. Abby wasn't feeling too great and it was nap time. I was hoping she would light up when she saw Santa and forget about the rest, but as soon as she turned the corner and spotted him, she let us know she was done. Screaming, real tears, kicking feet. Poor Santa. He tried giving her candy. Poor elf helper. She tried giving her a reindeer hat. Screaming, real tears, kicking feet continued. Needless to say, no photo opportunity with Santa. I just couldn't bring myself to force her. Poor Abby.

Fast forward to the next day and we are out with family at a local antique shop. I was holding Abby and she was happy as could be. She was looking around taking everything in. Everything. All of a sudden, Abby starts to cry... real tears. At first I had no clue what had happened. Then I spotted him. A man with a long, white beard. Great. Poor Abby thinks any bearded man is Santa. Here's hoping she enjoys Santa much more next Christmas!

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Carol said...

That's so memorable. I think most toddlers despise Santa, although Cam never did and she liked the big Easter bunny too and he's even creepier than Santa. I don't know, I kinda adore my photos of Chloe crying with Santa last year. That's something that we'll probably never get around to doing this year. :)