Saturday, March 15, 2014

Our Saturday Fun

Our Saturday started off with a little time on the farm.  We met up with our friends for some strawberry pickin' fun!  It was a gorgeous day and the strawberries were perfectly ripe and ready to be picked.  

We had such a fun time and the strawberries were SO yummy! The kids were eating them before I even had the chance to clean them.  Oops! 

After our visit to the farm, it was off to a birthday party for our sweet friend, Nickolas!  The kids had an absolute blast ... seriously what's not to love about a bounce house, ball pit, parachute, and silly games?!

Both kids really enjoyed the parachute ...

And Levi learned this little trick ...

Overall ... it was a fun, busy, and tiring day.  
No naps for anyone makes me one TIRED Mama! Night! :)


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Mama Rowland said...

What a busy day! Pictures in strawberry patch oh my! sweet! Don't know what we would do without this blog. We miss you all so much!! Give each other a big squeeze from us! Hmmmm...did that last sentence make sense? Oh well, you do know what I mean!