Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Sleepy girl ...

Night terrors.  I don't like them, they scare me, and I hate feeling so helpless when they happen.  Abby started having nightmares (or so I thought) a month or so ago.  After talking with some girlfriends and doing some research on my own, I came to realize that these nightmares may be actual night terrors.

Abby would wake around around the same time each night in a sudden panic.  Often shivering and shaking, truly scared about something, wide eyes, yet still in a sleepy state.  The hubs and I would rush in her room to reassure her it was just a bad dream, that we were here, and she was safe.  I would try to hug her but she didn't want us to touch her.  It was almost like we weren't even there.  Kinda creepy?  Yes.  She would finally snap out of it, get a hug and kiss, and fall back to sleep. 

It was later brought to our attention that sometimes night terrors can be triggered by inadequate sleep and being overtired.  Those of you that know Abby, know that she is always on the go.  This child is nonstop, all day long if you let her!  And quite honestly during nap time, I often chose to have some one on one Abby time while Levi sleeps.  

Once the night terrors started, I have been trying to enforce "quiet time" more often.  Some days it's quite the fight, but most of the time she will give in and fall asleep.  It's not always in her bed, but hey, a nap is a nap ... and her night terrors have decreased!  Thank the Lord!  
And some of these "quiet times" have turned into Abby/Mommy snuggle time.  Every now and again, this Mama deserves a nap with her sweet little girl! :)


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