Sunday, May 20, 2012


It's Sunday night, the hubs is home, and the kids are in bed.  Ahhh, the quiet.... it's a beautiful thing.  This week has been a crazy week, one that tested me to the extreme.  Last Saturday I began to feel like a cold was coming on ... sore throat, congestion, and a cough.  Sunday worsened and by Monday I had lost my voice completely, still had a sore throat and a horrible cough.  Then Jim left to go on a quick road trip to Kansas City and my first instinct was to call my Mama.  I knew I couldn't handle being sick on top of taking care of two children.  And besides, it doesn't matter how old you get... there is just something about having your Mama take care of you when you're not feeling too great.  She was a lifesaver ... keeping Abby entertained and taking care of Levi overnight.  I'm very thankful for that!!  Love you Mama! Are you sure you can't be my nanny?!

Yesterday, I started to feel more like myself.  The cough is lingering (not too bad) and I'm feeling more energized.  I'm excited for this week and ready to tackle each day, one at a time. :)  Starting with today, the kids and I enjoyed the beautiful day with friends.  We spent much of the afternoon in the Inner Harbor playing in the water fountains, indulging in Rita's, and letting the kids run around.  I'm so thankful to have these ladies here ... we are going through so many of the same things and it's fun to spend my time with them! (and not gripe, right ladies?!)

Sleepy Levi at the fountains.

Play time!  Levi likes to lay on his blankie and watch his big sister.
Today we were able to get a few more smiles ... they are the best!

 Random drawing.  Maybe Abby will be an artist like her Uncle Chris?
I'm not biased or anything (hah)
but I'm pretty impressed by Abby's artwork.
Abby drew Baby Reid ... two eyes, a nose, lips, arms, legs, and even eyelashes!

While in Kansas City, the hubs did some major shopping.  He spoils Abby bigtime.  He spoils me BIGTIME.  Abby was thrilled with her new dollhouse from PBK and I was ecstatic to find a new necklace and ring hidden in my dresser drawer.  We're definitely spoiled and thankful to have him care for us like he does.  

So instead of me sitting on here much longer, I'm going to relax (gasp!) with the hubs and enjoy the rest of the night!  Here's hoping for a great week :)


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Sue said...

So glad everything is falling in to place. Hi to Pat (and Rick) from me, I do miss seeing them. Hopefully we can visit soon and see everyone again. Love the pictures. Levi is growing so fast. Missing you all crazy! xoxo