Thursday, January 20, 2011

Thankful Thursday

It's not that I haven't had a lot to be thankful for lately, but I've been slacking on my Thankful Thursday posts. Tonight I'm going to make a quick, random, thankful list.

1. Happy to have finally found a church where I know our family will be able to grow in so many ways. I'm looking forward to gaining new friendships and getting closer to God.

2. The power of prayer. I've asked several of you to pray for my grandmother and I'm thankful for those of you who have added her to your prayer list. She was doing better, returned home from the hospital Tuesday... only to be taken back to the hospital yesterday. Please continue to pray.

3. Beautiful weather this week. The sun has been shining and today it was 77 degrees with a slight breeze. Absolutely PERFECT. 27 degrees is what I have in store for me next week, when I return home to visit family. Yikes!

4. Gymbucks. I. heart. Gymboree. Everything in that store is just too cute to resist and Gymbucks help me save money.... and for this, the hubs should be VERY thankful!

5. The hubs received great news this week. Another year with the Orioles. Here's hoping for a healthy, injury free season this year!

6. Movie nights (at home) with the hubs. We've decided to make one night of the week a movie night. No computers, no phones, just us... and a movie... and popcorn! And since tonight is that night, I'm signing out of here ... time to relax. :)



Mary Beth said...

What a GREAT list!! And Congrats to Jim who actually made the front page of the Sports section of the Press & Sun-Bulletin back in his hometown. Hope he has a Healthy & Successful season.

Carol said...

Great TT list, Liz. I think we need to schedule a movie night once a week too. Next year we'll have to start swapping week nights so that we can go OUT to the movies once a month!